Hello to our wonderful RegistryDomains customers!

For the time being, we are moving where you login and manage your account over to our affiliate, Enom. You will be able to access your same account with the same login details, by going to enom.com, or using the login button below.

Your account is still with RegistryDomains, and we will still be providing support. We, RegistryDomains, have always been a reseller with Enom, and have always used Enom's account system. The only thing that is changing now is the place where you login and manage your account. Also, please see below for information that will pertain only to customers whom have purchased Website Hosting through RegistryDomains.

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at info@registrydomains.com.

Thank you!


You can login to your RegistryDomains account using your same login details, with our affiliate Enom.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at: info@registrydomains.com

You can submit a help ticket at our HelpDesk at: help.registrydomains.com

(Update) Attention To RegistryDomains Website Hosting Customers

Note: This information only applies to customers with Linux Website Hosting (with the Plesk Control Panel) purchased from RegistryDomains. This does not affect customers that only have DNS (Host Records) hosted with RegistryDomains.

RegistryDomains has switched website hosting providers on March 31st. Your previous website hosting (along with the possible email addresses associated with it) is disabled, and the domains (and email) associated with the website hosting will need to be switched over to the new hosting. If you had website hosting with us, you should have received an email with details about the change, and how to access the new website hosting. Your websites have been backed up and transferred over to the new hosting, but if something was missed, we have until April 30th to get files off of the old website hosting.

There are two options for pointing domains to the new website hosting. There are more details in this HelpDesk article: Point Domain(s) to New Web Hosting

We are in the process of building a HelpDesk knowledgebase on the new website hosting control panel (cPanel). You can visit the knowledgebase for the new website hosting here: cpanel.help.domains

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@registrydomains.com.